Cycads in South Africa
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I have been collecting cycads for the past 30 years.  During this time, I have managed to acquire virtually the whole collection of  South African cycad species, as well as the  majority of the species from Central  Africa, and where possible male and female specimens of each specie.  I also managed to propagate seedlings of the majority of the Encephalartos species, as well as most of the Dions. The latter plant genus is endemic to Mexico and Honduras.

In the past, we have exported cycads to various countries, including the USA, France, Indonesia and Australia.

We take great pride in supplying healthy plants of the highest quality, true to the specie and grown, under near to ideal conditions.


At the moment, we have become crammed for green house space. In order to accommodate some of the rarer seedlings, we have decided to make available to you, six of the more common South African species, at a very discounted price. These plants will compliment any garden and are also ideal for landscaping;

The conditions of this offer are as follows:

Species:           E. altensteinii
                           E. lebomboensis
                           E. natalensis
                           E. senticosus
                           E. transvenosus    
                           E. villosus

Price:                  $4 US per cm.
Minimum order:  50 plants

We are in the process of upgrading our website, but I have decided to include, in the meantime, a list of the rarer plants that are available.  Want lists are welcome, prices can be negotiated and photo's of the individual plants can be provided.

Cycads, UPS